E-procurement: E-procurement (electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, work, and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as electronic data interchange and enterprise resource planning.

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eWizard is an e-procurement platform for buyer organizations (in this case Government) in conducting their procurement processes with supplier/Bidder/Vendor for the acquisition of goods (supplies), works and services. Our platform allows open, non-discriminatory and efficient government procurement through transparent procedures enabling acquisition of goods and services by an organization, at the best value obtainable in the most efficient manner possible.

eWizard procurement platform is built using cutting edge technology, which concentrate on different key areas of procurement such as e-Tendering and e-Auction including Forward and Reverse Auctions. The essential quality characteristics of our eProcurement system cover Security, Transparency & Functionality, which in turn ensures the standardization of procurement processes as per government norms.

Buyer Organizations create, manage & report Forward and Reverse Auctions, Single or multi items. Bidders/vendors will participate in live Auction. Upon qualification and highest bidders’ acceptance as per the auction guidelines they would be awarded the contract.

Buyer Organizations create, manage & report all tendering requirements for bidders/vendors to participate in the tendering process. Bidders/vendors will participate in the tendering as per the tendering guidelines and upon qualification winners would be awarded the contract.

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